Hardware/Software and configuration I use

A 10+ years collection of software and configuration I use in my work and I suggest to you for improve your productivity

Workstation (office)

  • 3x AOC Led Monitor 27”

    All configured with extended screen

  • Dell Server - x2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) 6 core 6 processors

    48GB RAM

  • OS

    Main: Windows 10
    Virtual Marchine in 1 monitor: Kali Linux

  • Keyboard RAPOO

    Fluent keyboard RAPOO E9270P Wireless

Workstation (home)

  • 2x Samsung Led Monitor 27”

    All configured with extended screen

  • Macbook PRO 15” 2021 with Magic Keyboard

    SSD 512GB

Development tools

  • Atom

    When all others use VS Code, I prefer Atom. It's open source and I love their extensions and usability.

  • Tilix

    Multiplex Terminal for Linux, I use it on Kali Linux

  • Firefox and Chrome

    Their development tools are amazing, with recend updates Google Chrome has introduced many interesting features for developers

  • WinSCP

    If I need to connect via FTP

  • Notepad++

    I use it like a post-it or as copy/paste helper to don't open much more tabs in Atom


  • Figma

    When I need to design something UI

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

    For fast resize and photos/vector adjustment


  • Trello

    To Track project progress, docs, and team collaboration

  • Slack

    For fast communication with other team members and screenshot sharing